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Our Clients

Takla Engineering, PLLC is a family owned and operated engineering business based in Durham, North Carolina. We are licensed in the state of North Carolina and complete site visits for areas in Durham, Orange, Wake, Johnson, Lee, Alamance, Person counties. We are happy to serve a variety of professional clientele from tract & boutique builders, general contractors, residential design professionals, drafters, individual investors, & even commercial fabricators.


Builders & Contractors, we can help you with the reports and recommendations you need to keep your projects moving. From footing and soil bearing capacity design and evaluations, to framing inspection and repair design and evaluations, we are here to efficiently and quickly respond. We can help with deck design, footing and soil capacity design and third party inspections, framing evaluations, inspections and repair designs, and whole house structural 

 design and sealing.


Materials Testing

We have a calibrated Windsor Probe and can perform this test at request.

Architects, Design Professionals & Drafters, we can provide the much needed structural specifications and seals for building plans required for use in the state of NC. We can help you with any plans required for renovations, additions, wall removal and beam sizing, porch framing, footings and more.

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